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  • 2009 - 2013
    The Islamic University Gaza


    ▪ The Islamic University - Gaza, Palestine ▪ 36 credit hours, plus 8 additional credit hours. ▪ Study subjects related to business administration, accounting, marketing, commercial law, management information systems, strategic management, resource management and development, statistics and research methodology, financial management and other advanced courses in business administration. ▪ 6 credit hours thesis, aimed to know the role of applying the principles of good governance in the biggest 100 nongovernmental organizations in Gaza strip and its effect on the contribution of these organizations in achieving its suitability and sustainable development.


  • 2023 - Present
    Right to Live Society

    Executive and HR Manager

    RLS Programs and departments Management and Development:
    • Managing and developing RLS’s programs (Early childhood, Kindergarten, Rehabilitation, Special education, vocational training, human rights and Protection, nutrition and Livelihood programs) for children with Down Syndrome, Autism ,and local community members, according RLS’s strategic objectives.
    • Develop and strengthen the framework of partnership with donors and related organizations in line with RLS’s policies and strategic objectives.
    • Ensure that RLS’s humanitarian and rehabilitative programs are based on needs, are relevant, effective and efficient in maintaining beneficiaries’ rights and reintegrate them into local community.
    • Ensure adequate risk management, including the financial and operational risks and security management perspectives in all programmatic processes.
    • Supervise and follow-up marketing the products of vocational rehabilitation centers for the local Down syndrome.
    • Managing and developing RLS staff, including need assessment, training plans, and succession planning.
    • Developing and updating RLS’s administration system, finical system, MEAL, code of conduct, salary scale, HR system, childe protection policy, and strategic plan..
    • Coordinate and collaborate with other stakeholders to ensure a good working climate and the achievement of RLS’s objectives.
    • Coordinate and collaborate with local and regional partner to implement related projects at national and regional levels.
    • Follow up the team and ensure to comply with our internal manual, donor instructions and Mol regulation.
    Acting MEAL Manager:
    • Sharing in designing and preparing, authoritative document that includes the foundations and standards that should be followed in every work related to monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning of RLS’s programs and projects.
    • Establishing a structure for a scientific and practical system that provides details and clarification of operations, policies, and procedures in a detailed, brief, and clear way which supported with forms and instructions of relevant work.
    • Collecting and using data and information which derived from active engagement of targeted groups in monitoring and accountability processes to the efficiency of programs and projects.
    • Manage and planning monitoring visits based RLS’s MEAL plan to meet the monthly and quarterly monitoring plan, to ensure timely implementation of process monitoring activities
    • Conduct monitoring for kind and in-kind services that provided to RLS’s beneficiaries at the level of distribution points, including conducting beneficiary interviews during distributions.
    HR Management and Development:
    • Supervising managing RLS’s employees and volunteers (an average of 120 staff member per annum).
    • Sharing in, and ensure the implementation of RLS’s HR and Administrative System.
    • Personally developed, and ensure the implementation RLS’s Salary scale, Code of conduct, and appraisal system.
    • Conducts a periodic need assessment, and develop a capacity building plans.
    • Supervising recruitment, on boarding, personnel file management, staff separation, performance appraisal process.
    • Ensure that RLS’s staff are comply with our HR manual, administration system, donors instructions, Code of conduct “including bribery, and conflict of interest regulations”, and Mol regulation. of conduct including conflict of interest process.
    Procurement and Financial Support:
    • Participate in preparation of RLS financial System.
    • Supervise on preparation and implementation of annual programs and projects budgets.
    • Study and analysis quotations, and bids, in addition to audit the financial, legal and technical procedures. Participate in RLS Procurement, award, receiving committees.
    • Overall budget and technical management, including budgeting, monitoring, and reporting in compliance with RLS’s Financial system and donor requirements.
    • Follow up the team and ensure to comply with our internal manual, donor instructions and Mol regulation.
    • Supervising on goods receiving and quality control process.
    • Supervising on Stock and Assets management implementation according RLS’s syste
    Strategic Planning, Financial and Administration system, Gender mainstreaming and protection polices, Emergency plans, and accountability system:
    • Facilitate, coordinate, and share in preparation of RLS systems and polices.
    • Review and approve annual work plans and estimated budget, and follow up implementation to ensure full compliance to RLS’s systems and polices
    • Follow-up results and quality of output, with a focus on the impact and change and development for the target group and the community.
    Fund Raising and Projects Management:
    • Preparing and overseeing the preparation of proposals, budgets, logical framework, time tables, and reports.
    • Implementation and supervision of the implementation of project activities and communicate with donors.
    • Developing and implementing Fundraising strategies and campaigns.
    • Conducting diagnosis and situational analysis studies, including stockholders mapping, partnership details, and local community engagement.
    • Ensure that grants are implemented according to Donor’s regulations (USAID, EU, World Bank, Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, TIKA, etc) and RLS’s internal systems.
    • Ensure a high quality implementation of USAID Mission order 2021 (MO21), in Contracts, Grants, Trainees, and In kind assistance.
    • Follow up the team and ensure to comply with our internal manual, donor instructions and Mol regulation.
    • Ensuring implementation of RLS’s Gender equity and protection policies.
    • Ensure the implementation of projects activities and achieve their outputs, in addition to implementation of the MEAL activities.
    Research and Development:
    • Preparation and publication a number of scientific papers and research.
    • Implement the recommendations those papers and research to develop RLS of services..
    • Develop new programs and services to improve the quality..
    • Create a Monitoring and Evaluation unit, to ensure the services quality and effectiveness

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