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About me

I have more than four years of work experience within my area of profession, I have my bachelor degree from the UTE University in Human Resources, I have experience in various subsystems of the Human Resources area such as the calculation of overtime, time management, calculation of benefits and payroll, recruitment and selection processes, application of psycho-technical tests, induction of personnel, training, among others. I handle very well with the staff as I have always thought that respect and education go hand in hand and forge us as human beings. Currently, I working independently helping companies with the selection processes for which I use a program that allows me to measure the candidates. As well as any process of human resources that are shown on my website. At the same time, I had to expand my area of expertise and create my website, social media advertising and blog publishing. I am open to change, I love to experience new things and I am always learning. An example of that is that I lived in the USA for half a year in which I studied English obtaining an intermediate-level certificate of approval in DEMACC Iowa-Des Moines. I obtained a certificate from the Open University London-UK for passing level 6 Italian. Recently I obtained a certificate from Coventry University and Future Learn, London-UK in Introduction To International Human Resources Management. I am currently learning about Marketing.


I am sure to bring the best of myself, my experience and continue learning with the company that allows me to be part of their team.



    English language

    Intensive classes for six months in Iowa, Des Moines, USA

  • UTE

    Human Resources Engineer

    I learned all of the HR subsystems to collect and analyze data to make strategic decisions for businesses.


  • 2021 - Present
    G&D Consulting Associates


    – As a self-employed, I am in learning constantly, I am in contact with my clients for
    one reason, I like to demonstrate in my services responsibility, discretion and security.
    – Customer Support.
    – Personnel Selection.
    – Headhunting.
    – Psychotechnical tests
    – Onboarding process.
    – Payroll.
    – Training and Development.
    – Marketing and design of services.
    – Design of Website and social media.

  • 2021 - 2021

    Human Resources Assistant

    – Time management related to overtime, hours worked.
    – Payroll.
    – Shift planning.
    – Training and Development, appraisal forms.
    – Employer master date.
    – Recruitment and Selection management.
    – On-boarding process.
    – Travel allowance for staff with transfers to another city or work trips and
    professional preparation.
    – Customer Support.

  • 2021 - 2021

    Human Resources Assistant

    – Recruitment and Selection management.
    – On-boarding management of personnel.
    – Personnel development.
    – Payroll.

  • ARCA

    Human Resources Intern

    • Support at recruitment management.
    • Support at personnel contracting.
    • Support at overtimes management.
    • Support at payroll accounting.




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