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Descripción del trabajo

As a warehouse employee at Inditex, you have a very important task: unpacking and checking the latest collection for the Inditex (Zara, Bershka, Pull & Bear) stores! You are responsible for the processing of the garments. What does that mean?

You unpack the garments and check them for production errors. Do you see holes in a shirt (no design of course) or is the left sleeve of the jacket sewn of the right sleeve? That isn?t okay!

When you see no mistakes, it’s perfect to continue.

After checking, hang the garments on special racks so that they can be machine-steamed. After the steaming process, the garments are prepared for shipment and sent to various stores in the Netherlands.


Job Requirements

  • Physically fit enough to do standing work;
  • Good motivation;
  • Experience as a warehouse employee or as a production employee;
  • You speak good English; A2/B1
  • You want to stay in the Netherlands more than 6 months;
  • Valid driving license B.
  • NO alcohol / drugs !


Terms of Employment

  • Gross hourly wage €10,53 (>21 year) plus your extras for working night shifts will make it around €13 bruto per hour
  • 35 hours basic workweek; sometimes you will be free for 3 days in a row and then you can choose to work extra if you want to.
  • Nice temperature to work in;
  • Pleasant interaction with colleagues;
  • 5 shifts
  • For the LONG term (your work schedule will be announced for the rest of this year)
  • type of contract: Uitzendcontract with Uitzendbevestiging (no 0-hours contract!)


Services Gi Group Move Up

  • Housing (€ 110 per week) within 30 minutes of the warehouse;
  • 2 persons per bedroom
  • GiGroup provides you all bedding sheets;
  • Transport is arranged and for free;
  • We arrange your Health Insurance if you don’t have it yet; it will cost you around €25 per month.
  • If needed, they arrange your social security number (BSN) for the Netherlands;
  • Because of the advised quarantine period of 5 days altering entering in Holland from a code orange region, GiGroup prefers candidates that are already in Holland or don’t need to quarantine. However, candidates with a very good job experience and working motivation can be offered help with quarantine by GiGroup.


Your Benefits

  • Your personal caretaker!
  • GiGroup arranges everything else online in the GiGroup portal!
  • If you are entitled to health care allowance, we will arrange that you receive this through the tax authorities!
  • We pay for responsibility, so every driver of a car gets a extra payment!
  • GiGroup is respectful and expects the same from you!
  • GiGroup wants that you are happy, please give us feedback, so we can improve

Trabajo en Holanda


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